Why We Support Janice Zahn

Experienced Leaders with Integrity Matters

October 27, 2017

We are Bellevue voters; students, families, small business owners, and seniors committed to a thriving Bellevue that works for all. That requires leaders with a demonstrated commitment to Bellevue, experience to take on tough challenges, and the integrity to bring people together and deliver real solutions.

A PTA parent, Girl Scout cookie mom and caring volunteer, Janice Zahn has been an invested member of our communities, working to keep Bellevue the best place to live.

An engineer with a Masters Degree in Public Administration, Janice was the perfect choice to serve, and later Chair, the Bellevue Transportation Commission. Under her leadership, the Commission sought input from residents, analyzed data, and made meaningful recommendations to Bellevue’s Comprehensive Plan.

At the Port of Seattle, Janice oversees construction management of major public works projects.  She is focused on collaboration, problem solving and bringing team members together to get projects built right. That experience will be invaluable as we tackle our own housing and transportation challenges.

Bellevue needs a thoughtful and honest debate about the issues facing Bellevue to arrive at common sense workable solutions. And we deserve city leaders who run on their experience and vision, and win based on their own merit

I support Janice Zahn for Bellevue City Council. She will bring her core values of integrity, inclusion and innovation, to make Bellevue an even better city that we call our home.

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