Where Does Janice Stand on the Issues?

YES to Balancing Growth, Transportation and the Environment: Transportation, Housing Affordability and our Environment are interconnected and affected by our rapid growth. As your Councilmember, I will continue the work to provide transportation choices, with multiple modes of safe transportation options, to reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. This is especially critical as Amazon brings more jobs into Bellevue’s downtown with younger workers who rely in transit and bicycles, in addition to commuting by cars. Transportation choices matters!

YES to Essential Transportation Infrastructure: During my time as Chair of the Transportation Commission, the commission and I developed new criteria to measure congestion along roadway corridors which resulted in two roadway improvement projects along 148th/150th to support increased density. As a civil engineer with public policy expertise, I continue to be a strong voice on council to ensure we make data-driven common sense decisions to manage growth smartly. As liaison to the Eastside Transportation Partnership and 405/167 Executive Advisory Group, I have partnered with other local and state legislators to make sure that Bellevue has a voice at the table when important planning and pricing decisions are made. As your Bellevue voice, I will continue to advocate for state and federal funding to build much needed infrastructure.

YES to Affordable Housing at Every Level: I support Bellevue’s Affordable Housing Strategy because affordable housing stock helps people live and work in Bellevue, reduces commute time and air pollution, and improves quality of life. Preserving existing affordable housing while creating a broad spectrum of new housing is key. We must build more housing in the places where we can densify, where there’s transit, and options for folks to get around. We also need to assess existing policies that incentivize developers to build affordable housing to determine whether they are effective. The time is now to build partnerships with developers and non-profit housing providers to address this serious problem. We have an opportunity to leverage the Microsoft grants to build both low-income and middle-income housing. Let’s do it!

YES to Protect and Promote Our Quality of Life: On the Council, I have pushed for more environmental action because advocacy work alone is not enough. Climate change is real and we see the effects locally, in a small brushfire in Bellevue as early as April of this year. My leadership resulted in dedicated funds in our budget to update our Environmental Stewardship Initiative, with a focus on actions we can take and also developing a Tree Canopy Plan. I am working with other elected officials within the King County K4C cities to share knowledge and learn about what other cities and communities are implementing to protect our environment. This includes creating dashboards to help people make real time, cleaner, and greener choices.

YES to Smart Technology and 5G backbone: Bellevue is a Smart City, with 100% adaptive street lights that optimize our city streets to the actual traffic patterns. As your Councilmember, I am proud to vote for launching 5G and small cell in Bellevue. With this faster technology solution, it will enable better connectivity that supports our smart transportation efforts and addresses the digital gap for access to WiFi everywhere. This is especially important since our school students are using computers and online learning materials instead of textbooks and homework assignments are also mostly online. It’s more important than ever that every household can have internet connectivity for their every day lives. For our smart city efforts, I was fortunate to be at the National League of Cities when we won the Digital Cities Award last November.

YES to Neighborhood Safety: I co-wrote the Pro statement for the Neighborhood Safety, Connectivity and Congestion Levy in 2016 because neighborhood safety, congestion relief, and leveraging of technology will help address traffic problems and create safer neighborhoods. We want safe streets so that kids can walk or bike to school safely. I am all in for Bellevue’s commitment to Vision Zero and will continue to use my transportation expertise to guide our policy decisions, and to make fiscally prudent choices in:

• Bicycle Facilities Projects
• Sidewalks, Trails and Paths Projects
• Neighborhood Congestion Reduction Projects
• Sidewalk and Trail Enhancement Projects
• Technology for Safety and Traffic Management

YES to Healthy Communities: I believe the city must adopt a Homelessness strategic plan that looks at the issues from a regional lens and solutions that address local needs. A shelter with day services on-site is an essential tool to keep our neighborhoods safe and provide a pathway out of homelessness for the most vulnerable in our community. Any shelter built must be properly designed and funded with resources to ensure the public safety and security of both the people experiencing homelessness and the surrounding communities. I also support the regional response from the Eastside communities to address homelessness and to tackle the underlying root causes that can lead to homelessness. Issues like, lack of affordable housing, drug treatment centers and mental healthcare services.

YES to Outreach and Engagement: Neighbors across our city have expressed to me their desire to be heard and have their concerns addressed in an open and transparent manner. Community engagement is about making sure that your voice is heard before decisions are made on your behalf and that requires leadership that will represent you, listen to you, and help solve problems. On the Council, I have prioritized showing up in every community, engaging in respectful dialogue together, and getting to know our wonderful diverse neighborhoods. I am excited that Bellevue is evaluating the potential for a Multi-Cultural Center, a place where communities connect around our culture in a way that promotes engagement and celebration even more broadly than our current community centers can accommodate. We have more of that to do!

YES to Our City in a Park: I believe we must use every tool available to us on the Council to protect our parks and ensure we stay true to our vision of a “city in a park”. I am committed to every neighborhood within Bellevue having a park within walking distance of their home to enjoy with family, friends, and neighbors. Our goal of 40% tree canopy matters as Bellevue becomes even more urban with the upcoming growth. The best way to meet this goal is to engage with our community and all departments within Bellevue so decisions can be made considering how we continue to be a city in a park.

YES to Updating Our Art Plan: Art creates and celebrates community. I believe we can do more to incorporate art into our city facilities (like City Hall), partner with our community for even more art exhibits, and work with our school districts to include our kids. Art spurs creativity and innovation, and can be a stronger connector to celebrate our diverse community and cultures.