My Priorities

Integrity. Inclusion. Innovation.

We have a thriving economy, excellent schools, and high quality of life, yet our rapid growth could jeopardize the very qualities that drove us to make Bellevue our home. I want to put my years of experience as an innovative and collaborative problem-solver to work in addressing the increasing tension between livability and economic vitality.


The transportation challenges ahead of us are staggering. To address them we need leaders who can reconcile the divergent interests of various stakeholders and build coalitions for implementing innovative solutions.  Adequate funding will continue to be a challenge and I applaud the Council for taking the bold step with the TIFIA loan and the transportation levy. It takes visionary and caring leadership to make the tough choices to address the funding shortfalls.

As a member of the Bellevue Transportation Commission, I pushed to bring our meetings to the neighborhoods we serve. We need to engage our neighborhoods to relieve the transportation pain points citywide and ensure mobility for all. We need to shift to a multi-modal level of service thinking that looks at our transportation infrastructure from a Complete Streets and Vision Zero lens.

Affordable Housing

Bellevue is an incredibly vibrant and attractive city blessed with excellent amenities and outstanding public schools. Unfortunately, the very qualities that make Bellevue so attractive have resulting in skyrocketing housing costs, putting the city out of reach for many families and middle class workers, including retail and service employees and civil servants. Children who grew up in Bellevue cannot afford to return and live here as adults. I am committed to finding ways to make housing more affordable for all who want to live, work, and play in our wonderful city. My background and experience would be an asset working with developers, property managers, and non-profit housing providers to create more affordable housing stock.


Understanding and honoring the diversity of our community and unique character of our neighborhoods is critical to our sense of community and place. In 2014, we declared that “Bellevue welcomes the world and Diversity is our strength.” I want to make sure we continue to live up to the spirit of that declaration and challenge ourselves to be more inclusive and celebrate the richness of our collective culture and heritage. The key component is how we bring planning back to the neighborhood level and leverage the diversity of our residents and their culture, wants, and needs. I felt energized at the Becoming and Belonging event at City Hall by the heartfelt stories and the work of Bellevue and Cultural Conversations. I am excited to explore ways the city can extend even more for community connections, understanding and celebration. What exciting opportunities ahead!

My Vision

I am eager to serve on the City Council to build bridges for Bellevue’s future. My vision includes:

  1. Make the City more strategic and innovative. Our policies must work both short-term as well as decades into the future.  Planning must be forward-thinking and we must be willing to be bold, celebrate our diverse community, welcome businesses big and small, and embrace technology to deliver services at the best value.
  2. Become even more regional in our thinking. Many issues such as transportation, livability, economic growth, and community services are larger than our city limits. Solutions to these challenges cannot come solely from Bellevue. Our ability to engage with regional partners and advocate for Bellevue’s concerns will be of paramount importance. The City Council plays a key role in this engagement.
  3. Commit to effective and timely communication. When communicating with our citizens we need to articulate what the city is doing and why, and be clear about our intentions and expected outcomes. It’s important to establish, nurture, and expand the city’s relationships within the many neighborhoods, communities and businesses that live, work, and play in Bellevue.