Where Does Janice Stand on the Issues?

YES to Balancing Growth and the Environment

 Transportation and Housing Affordability are interconnected and by-products of our rapid growth. Bellevue needs multiple modes of transportation (vehicles, transit, pedestrians, bicycles) to reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. Affordable housing stock helps people live and work in Bellevue and reduces commute time and air pollution. We need stronger environmental advocacy to advance the King County K4C program, plus dashboards to help people make real time, cleaner, and greener choices.

YES to Smart Growth with Supportive Infrastructure

 Transportation infrastructure is woefully behind growth. During my time as Chair of the Transportation Commission, the commission and I developed new criteria to measure congestion along roadway corridors which resulted in two roadway improvement projects along 148th/150th to support increased density. As an engineer with public policy expertise, I will be a strong voice on council to ensure we make data-driven common sense decisions to manage growth smartly.

YES to Neighborhood Safety and Transportation Congestion Relief for Bellevue Residents

I co-wrote the Pro statement for the Neighborhood Safety, Connectivity and Congestion Levy in 2016 because, neighborhood safety, congestion relief, and leveraging technology will help address traffic problems and create safer neighborhoods. I am excited to use my transportation expertise to guide our staff to make fiscally prudent choices in:

  • Bicycle Facilities Projects
  • Sidewalks, Trails and Paths Projects
  • Neighborhood Congestion Reduction Projects
  • Sidewalk and Trail Enhancement Projects
  • Technology for Safety and Traffic Management

YES to More Affordable Housing Stock in Bellevue

Land use and transportation go hand in hand. When we talk about housing regulations, what I think we need to be doing is looking at how we build more housing in the places where we can densify, where there’s transit, and option for folks to be able to get around with transportation options. We also need to assess existing policies that incentivize developers to build affordable housing to determine whether they are effective. The time is now to build partnerships with developers and non-profit housing providers to address this serious problem. We will be challenged to attract and retain our talented teachers, retail workers and nurses if housing affordability is not adequately addressed.

YES to Addressing All Community Concerns Regarding Homelessness

We see homelessness right now in our community. A shelter with day services on-site is an essential tool to keep our neighborhoods safe and provide a pathway out of homelessness for the most vulnerable in our community. I 100% support having a men’s shelter in Bellevue. I also support the regional response from the Eastside communities to address homelessness and to tackle the underlying root causes that can lead to homelessness. Issues like, lack of affordable housing and healthcare. 

Any shelter built must be properly sited, designed  and funded with resources to ensure the public safety and security of both the people experiencing homelessness and the surrounding communities. I believe the city must adopt a Homelessness strategic plan and preferably a Homelessness Advisory Council that brings Bellevue neighbors and experts in the field together to define operating conditions and requirements necessary to ensure public safety. 

Citizens are hungry to be heard and have their concerns addressed in an open and transparent manner. I will commit to listening and really understand the conditions that must be in place for the shelter concept to be successful in Bellevue.  I don't have all the answers and will commit to examining all information thoroughly in order to make well informed decisions. This is a big decision for Bellevue that has divided our city and I take the responsibility to make sure we have a shelter that works, wherever it is located. Our residents deserve nothing less.

YES to Improved Community Outreach, Communication and Engagement

 Community engagement is about making sure that your voice is heard before decisions are made on your behalf. Bellevue is our home, we love Bellevue, and I believe that we want leaders in Bellevue who will represent us, listen to us, and help us solve problems. I think that takes people like me who have been involved in Bellevue for more than two decades. Bellevue can talk about engagement, yet it can be really difficult to walk the talk. We need to show up and engage in respectful dialogue together, and get to know our wonderful diverse neighborhoods. So if you are out in the community and attend different events, you’re going to see me at a lot of them. At the end of the day, the more we understand each other, the more that we can be an ally to each other, and celebrate the fact that we all bring something to the table.

YES to Our City in a Park

Parks are our most valuable assets in Bellevue and must be preserved for future generations to enjoy. It is both good for the environment and for us as humans. I believe we must use every tool we can to continue to protect our parks and ensure that Bellevue stays true to our vision of being a “city in a park”. I am committed to every neighborhood within Bellevue having a park within walking distance of their home to enjoy with family, friends, and neighbors. Parks are our third place for building community that is essential to a healthy city - for our families, seniors, everyone!

NO to Safe Injection Sites in Bellevue

I do not support Safe Injection Sites in Bellevue. Voters, through our elected officials, have already made their voices heard in Bellevue and the city banned Safe Injection Sites. I agree with the ban in Bellevue. My approach is to focus on raising awareness of highly addictive prescription pain medication, potential over-prescription and expanding treatment programs. As an engineer with public policy expertise, we must be data-driven to understand the issues, identify root causes and work together in partnership to find workable solutions. Beyond Bellevue, I do not have information nor any jurisdiction to decide for any other cities whether a Safe Injection Site is appropriate to address their city’s specific opioid challenges. I am committed to finding other workable solutions like the ones described and not Safe Injection Sites in Bellevue.