I am honored to have the support of the following organizations, elected officials, and community members:

Elected officials representing Bellevue: 


Adam Smith, United States Congressman


Patty Kuderer, State Senator

Lisa Wellman, State Senator


Tana Senn, State Representative

Vandana Slatter, State Representative

My-Linh Thai, State Representative

Amy Walen, State Representative


Claudia Balducci, King Council Councilmember

Lynne Robinson, Deputy Mayor - City of Bellevue 

Steve Kasner, East Bellevue Community Councilmember

Carolyn Watson, Bellevue School Board member


City of Bellevue Community Leaders:

Judy Clibborn, former State Representative 41st LD

Joan McBride, former State Representative 48th LD


Margot Blacker, former Bellevue City Deputy Mayor and Councilmember 

Grant Degginger, former Mayor - City of Bellevue

Gerry Hughes, former East Bellevue Community Councilmember

Terry Lukens, former Mayor - City of Bellevue


Chris Marks, former Bellevue School Board President

Connie Marshall, former Bellevue Mayor 

Ernie Simas, former Bellevue City Councilmember

Kurt Springman, former Bellevue City Councilmember


Jeremy Barksdale, Bellevue Planning Commissioner Chair

Pat Sheffels, former Bellevue Planning Commissioner

Hal Ferris, former Bellevue Planning Commissioner

Jay Hamlin, former Bellevue Planning Commissioner


Cliff Chirls, Bellevue Transportation Commissioner Vice Chair

Loreanna Marciante, Bellevue Transportation Commissioner

Lei Wu, Bellevue Transportation Commissioner Chair

Francois Larrivee, former Bellevue Transportation Commissioner

Tom Tanaka, former Bellevue Transportation Commission Chair


James McEachran, former Bellevue Human Services Commissioner

Jude Mercer, Bellevue Human Services Commission Chair

Nancy Huenefeld-Geese, former Bellevue Human Services Commission Chair

Jan Stout, former Bellevue Human Services Commission Chair 


Ling Zhuang, Bellevue Environmental Services Commissioner

Ticson Mach, former Bellevue Environmental Services Commissioner


David Hamilton, Bellevue Parks and Community Services Boardmember

Pamela Unger, Bellevue Parks and Community Services Boardmember

Gazel Tan, Bellevue Network on Aging Boardmember

Diana Thompson, Bellevue Network on Aging Boardmember


Rebecca Lewis, Bellevue Arts Commissioner

Betina Finley, former Bellevue Arts Commissioner


Alaric Bien, Bellevue Diversity Advisory Network Member

Adnan SiddiquieBellevue Diversity Advisory Network Member

Mohamed BakrBellevue Diversity Advisory Network Member

Joydeep Hazra, Youthlink Board Co-Chair


Bob Riley, Bellevue Schools Foundation trustee

Cathy Habib, Bellevue Schools Foundation trustee

Marianne Heywood, Bellevue Schools Foundation trustee

Betsy Johnson, former Bellevue Schools Foundation trustee

David Schooler, former Bellevue Schools Foundation trustee


Jonathan Kagle - Vuecrest Community Association

Sue Baugh - Lake Heights Community Club and former Director of Bellevue Downtown Association


Cheryl Kuhn, former Bellevue Neighborhood Outreach Manager

Jan Stout, Backpack Meals for Kids Boardmember and former Bellevue Livability Team Member

Matt Terry, former Bellevue Planning and Community Development Coordinator  

Roxanne Shepherd, Eastside Pathway founding Board member


Regina Glenn, Bellevue small business owner & former VP for Small Business Development at Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce

Ross Jacobson, former Bellevue Downtown Association Board Chair

Peter Horvitz, former Bellevue College Foundation Boardmember

Cathy Springman, former Bellevue College Foundation Boardmember


Elected officials:


Mona Das, State Senator

Bob Hasagawa, State Senator

Joe Nguyen, State Senator


Lisa Callan, State Representative

Shelley Kloba, State Representative

Bill Ramos, State Representative

Cindy Ryu, State Representative

Gael Tarleton, State Representative


Mary Lou Pauley, Mayor - City of Issaquah

Debbie Bertlin, Mayor - City of Mercer Island

Wendy Weiker, Mercer Island City Councilmember

Benson Wong, Mercer Island City Councilmember


Angela Birney, Redmond City Councilmember President

Jeralee Anderson, Redmond City Councilmember

Steve Fields, Redmond City Councilmember

Hank Margeson, Redmond City Councilmember

Tanika Padhye, Redmond City Councilmember


Penny Sweet, Mayor - City of Kirkland

Jay Arnold, Deputy Mayor - City of Kirkland

David Asher, Kirkland City Councilmember


Cynthia Adkins, Mayor - City of Medina

Carol Simpson, Newcastle City Councilmember

Pam Stuart, Sammamish City Councilmember


Davina Duerr, Deputy Mayor - City of Bothell

James McNeal, Bothell City Councilmember

Brenda Fincher, Kent City Councilmember

Sathwinder Kaur, Kent City Councilmember


Luisa Bangs, Des Moines City Councilmember

Lydia Assefa-Dawson, Federal Way City Councilmember


Stephanie Bowman, Port of Seattle Commissioner Chair

John Creighton, Port of Seattle Commissioner

Fred Fellerman, Port of Seattle Commissioner

Courtney Gregoire, Port of Seattle Commissioner

Peter Steinbrueck, Port of Seattle Commissioner


Gary Locke, former Governor

Marcie Maxwell, former State Representative

Tom Albro, former Port of Seattle Commission Chair

Lloyd Hara, former King County Assessor


Organizational Endorsements:


Bellevue Firefighters

National Women's Political Caucus

Seattle King County Realtors 

Sierra Club


Community Leader Partners: 

Joseph Lachman, Asian Counseling and Referral Service

Albert Shen, former National Director of the Minority Business Development Agency

Betty Speith, former President of the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce

Dexter Tang, Board of Directors - Chinese Information and Service Center

Tay Yoshitani, former CEO for the Port of Seattle

Joan Yoshitomi, Lifetime Achievement Award winner - International Examiner